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Thank you to anyone who has ever given me a kind word or friendly hand.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough. I’m sorry I let it happen again. I love you all. That can’t change.

I’m so sorry.


love and support and celebrate fat girls who don’t have a booty or like in general fat girls with the fat in places that never get celebrated p l e a s e for the love of everything that is good in this world

like let’s not pretend curvy is a synonym for fat curvy is literally just this one specific socially acceptable way to be fat and I am getting increasingly frustrated about it

quick summary: willy wonka and the chocolate factory

boy:  i hate being poor
grandpa:  were going to the fun factory
mr chocolate:  hello naughty children its murder time


what i am not:

  • a girl
  • a boy

what i am:

  • unholy spawn of darkness and fear
  • dreaded by all who encounter me
  • kinda hungry

Lady on the bus next to me:  Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?
Little boy:  I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.
Lady:  And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?
Boy:  It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I'm acting like a Sith.
Lady:  Do you want to be a Sith?
Boy:  No! I am Obi-Wan!